Making Sense of Your Dry Season

Have you ever had a time in your life where you were doing amazing? A time where you may have been in a great spot a work, with your relationships, and you felt closer then ever with God. And then you weren’t there. I can remember being a senior in college and breaking my ankle at the beginning of an indoor volleyball tournament best counselor oklahoma city. I was devastated. I was the captain and we were hosting the tournament. All the hard work and practice wiped out in one ankle injury. I was literally sidelined. That event spiraled me into a low season where I felt left out and to make things worse, I lost a relationship with a girl I was dating. My physical injury revealed an even greater brokenness in my soul. My dry season had begun and I was coming apart.

I went on to discover that its in our dry seasons we discover if we really believe God’s love is enough. Just like when a pond dries up and you can see whats on the bottom, in a dry season you can see what your life has been built upon. I came crashing into the reality that I had built my life on counterfeit affections best counselor oklahoma city. Instead of looking to God alone, I sought the attention from women, good grades, and popularity. Other counterfeit affections are addictions, compulsions, escapism (Facebook, Netflix, sports, porn…), busyness, kids sports, hyper-religious activity, and equating busyness with happiness just to name a few. In a dry season, these counterfeits fail to comfort.

What if these dry seasons are God’s mercy? What if they are an expression of His love to draw us back to Him. Think of your last dry season. For you that may be right now.
Consider the following questions as a catalyst to making sense of your dry season.

* What counterfeit affections are you tempted to run to in place of God?
* How can switching your focus from things of this world, aka counterfeit affections, back to God impact your life?
* What is the potential cost of not pursuing God and believing His love to be enough.
* The Israelites literally had to die before entering the promised land best counselor oklahoma city. What in your life needs to die in the wilderness so that you can enter your promised land?

Shawn Maguire is the Owner of New Vision Counseling where he serves with a team of counselors to help individuals, marriages, and families recapture the vision God has for their lives