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Do you find that nearly every moment of your day is swirling with “What ifs?” and burdened by the possibility that something is about to go terribly wrong? Does the weight of that fear tighten your chest or clench your jaw? Does your heart race even in moments where you know you should feel safe and secure?

Anxiety has an ugly way of controlling not only your mind, but your body as well. Often the physical side effects lead to the concern that something is wrong which then drives your mind into even more anxious thoughts. It is a vicious cycle to break. Because anxiety skews the way you see your circumstances, you may not be able to address those fears with logic or reason, making it to treat yourself.

At New Vision Counseling & Consulting in Oklahoma City, our licensed therapists act as a compass to help you navigate through the fears and triggers that are controlling your thoughts. We will partner with you to help you regain control and clarity over your mind and release the tension you’ve been carrying for too long.

You don't have to continue suffering alone! Please call today to set up an appointment with one of our experienced therapists who can guide you through your recovery from anxiety.

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As you learn more about the different types of anxiety, fears and triggers can you relate? If you are ready to meet with a licensed counselor, the counselors and therapists at New Vision Counseling and Consulting are here for you. When you contact our office, a person will answer your call and help you schedule an appointment. Your first consultation is free.

Hi everyone for those of you I've not met my name is Shawn Maguire and I'm going to share with you 5 easy tips to beat anxiety. Anxiety something that we all experience at some level at some time. These five tips will really help you begin to manage and address these stressful situations and more productive and helpful ways.

Breathe in for four seconds - hold it for four seconds - release for four seconds and do this again and again 10x's and what you'll notice is that your blood pressure your mood will typically go like this and you'll calm down.
TIP #2 Focusing on the feelings that you had when you're stressed out when you're going through a situation and you want to reduce the anxiety. If I'm breathing then I'm focusing and looking for areas of my body like let's say my chest is really tight it's where I'm feeling a lot of anxiety. Then I focus right here and I'm breathing and I'm focusing let's say that moves to my shoulder when I focus on my shoulder well I can pair well I continue to breathe deeply and what that does is it takes you out of worrying about the future about how much money you have to spend about your kids it takes you for worrying about what happened in your past and it brings you to live right now right here in the present. When we do that we live out of the way God designed us to live presently.
TIP #3 Schedule.
Have something to do with your time being intentional about where you invest your time. Time is such a valuable commodity because once we spend it we don't get it back and many of us me included worry about time and if I'm not careful that starts to rob my peace, take away my joy. I know that if I'm in tension with my time if I'm gonna be relaxing then I have activities that I enjoy reading my Bible praying and walking those are relaxing for me. For you it may be reading a book you may be watching a favorite show and may be talking to a special friend. Be intentional over the time that you have.
Before you get worried about exercise, let me tell you what I mean. For some of you I do mean six days a week thirty minutes hard core cardio that is fantastic and it will speak to depression, anxiety will increase your benefits of health drastic. For the rest of us that can't make that commitment or we found and we just can't stay consistent it looks like me take your time at lunch even if I've just got five minutes to get outside and to move and you breathe in fresh air. For others of us it may look like a bike ride around the lake. The key is to move. Something I find that helps me to move more consistently is when I pair it with something I like so when I take a walk at lunch I pair it with listening to a podcast that I'm learning or I pair it with praying or meditating or calling a friend or family member that I love. I find tremendous benefit in doing that.
TIP #5 Talk it out walk it out write it out So I talk it out I mean call up a friend when you're anxious OPA a friend when you're stressed out and talk it out ask them to meet you for lunch maybe text them and even do phone calls to them you can't reach them in person is a great way to connect God made us and design is to connect with people to not have to do this life by ourselves whatever you're feeling whatever you're going through write it down and get it out of you so it's not these ethereal thoughts and feelings that are just out of control but you put them in on paper and they can become more manageable and you can even look over them and say wow okay this makes sense of why I'm stressed out and it helps you to collect and organize your thoughts in a way that you can start working through them and that's the walk at a park what do you need to do next to solve some of these anxious problems you need to create more margin in your schedule can you have a conversation with a friend it gives you some steps to begin moving forward great I'm so glad you listened to so glad you're here and I look forward to helping you again I'll see you real soon you.

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