As COVID-19 spreads, it seems as though feelings of sadness, dread, and hopelessness are also spreading. A pandemic spreading is sad. Cancellations are sad. Getting laid off is sad. Fearing the economic downturn is sad. It is healthy to feel these feelings, and mourn the life you thought you would have during this time. No one could have prepared for this. All the feelings you are feeling are normal. You are not alone in these feelings. Remember that while we are social distancing, we don’t have to be socially isolating. Make time to reach out to loved ones. If you want to try something new, now is a great time to do that. If it feels better to rest, do that. It’s okay if your life looks different right now. From others, and from how your life normally looks.

I have some great news for you. There is hope to feel better, even in this time. Sometimes it can feel like it takes everything you have just to reach out for help. If that’s you, make the call. It will be worth it. You may feel like “this isn’t the time to start counseling with a pandemic on the loose?” But really starting now could be the very thing that helps you get through this. At New Vision Counseling, we seek to understand what you’re going through and our counselors really can help.

Whether you come into the office or counsel through telehealth we are here for you. Through Telehealth, we are able to effectively help through an online experience. Telehealth is as easy to use as facetime or calling a friend. You don’t have to have anything special, just yourself and a computer or phone (or ipad or tablet…). No need to download anything or research anything. It is a simple process that we will walk you through. If you are feeling hopeless or sad, why wait? You likely have more time and more fear and sadness then normal. Since issues are coming to the surface now is the time to deal with them and move on with your life?

This pandemic may have everyone around you living in fear, but fear DOESN’T have to have a seat at your table! At New Vision Counseling & Consulting, we are here to help you. Call or email us today at (405) 921-7776 or go to New Vision Counseling and Consulting to set up your first appointment. You may feel alone, but with counseling you don’t have to be! We look forward to walking with you through this challenging season!