Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 5 Tips to Survive Holiday Lockdown with Kids

Stop Feeling Overwhelmed: 5 Tips to Survive Holiday Lockdown with Kids

It’s no secret that the holiday season can either be a blast or lead to some extra-tough times. For those of us who have little kids in tow, it’s often hard to keep up with all there is going on while still trying to make sure they’re enjoying themselves – now you know why mom and dad may look exhausted! Parenting during this special time isn’t without its challenges.

Juggling the additional demands that come with the holiday season, as a parent, can be downright exhausting. If you’re struggling to keep up without burning out, here are 5 superb tips to help you manage without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted!

Intentional “You” time

Wake up early for a refreshing start to your day! Taking time each morning, even if it’s just 20-30 minutes before the chaos begins, can make all of the difference. Have some “you” time while sipping on coffee and enjoy the stillness, or fold that laundry in peace – whatever makes you feel most relaxed and in control of your mood.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

As a parent, taking the time to ensure that you have consistent routines in place can be immensely beneficial. Setting an early bedtime warning, such as 30-60 minutes before it’s time for lights out, can help to minimize meltdowns and keep them on track. Additionally, having something special to signal that it’s okay to rise from bed can help to keep your family on schedule. Whether it’s a special light or having books handy for those eager morning risers, these simple steps can make the day run smoothly.

Focusing on What You Can Control

Focusing on what you can control is a great way to reduce stress and worry. It’s important to take ownership of your thoughts, your schedule, your productivity levels, and how you treat others. By being mindful of the little things that are out of your control, you can avoid letting them bother you and instead focus on what’s achievable. You can’t control how your kids respond to you, but you can control how you respond to them. Knowing what you are responsible for and what you are not can lead to increased peace and calmness in the long run.

Stay Connected

Taking time to stay connected with the ones you love is an essential part of maintaining a healthy balance. Whether it’s a short text check-in, an uplifting phone call, or even a face-to-face chat through Facetime, any connection can bring a sense of joy and optimism during difficult times. And let’s face it, sometimes you just need to vent! There are many ways to make sure you nurture your relationships with those closest to you. Scheduling regular check-ins with family and friends help keep everybody in the loop while providing comfort and support when needed. Taking the opportunity to cherish moments shared with loved ones is an invaluable way for you to remain grounded and sane during chaotic or stressful periods.


With the holidays quickly approaching, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the expectations and pressures surrounding this time of year. While it’s impossible to control what external influences are telling you that you should do, you certainly have the power to set boundaries for yourself. You don’t always have to go the extra mile when it comes to meal prep or entertaining – even your own children! Don’t think it has to be a big affair every single day they’re away from school – sometimes having their favorite movie and a bowl of popcorn will suffice. And don’t worry, there is no need to fully commit to holiday activities like getting family photos done or sending out Christmas cards. Making realistic choices for yourself over the holidays will help take some of the pressure off and ensure everyone stays happy in the end!

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Andrew BrownAndrew Brown
11:05 06 Feb 24
Shawn called me directly and sought out a resolution with me for a recent poor experience I had. He showed genuine care and consideration over the phone, and demonstrated he truly cares about the clients that come here and wants everyone to get the help they need. That's how it needs to be in any place helping others in God. God bless.
Andy EatonAndy Eaton
21:00 11 Oct 23
I totally recommend Josh Rhoades. He's helped me overcome a lot of anxiety and work-related stress and the effects it's had on me this year. For any guys out there wondering if they should go to counseling, you should definitely give Josh and New Vision a try.
Mark VonFeldtMark VonFeldt
12:04 23 Aug 23
I admit I didn't think I needed counciling but when I hit a tough period in life. Caleb McKean at New Vison Counseling was extrodinary in helping me out and providing encourgement, prespective and confidence. In addition, it was great seeing Shawn McGuire who consitantly provided an uplifting personality that’s just contagious.
Elizabeth ProtzmanElizabeth Protzman
11:41 24 May 23
My husband and I just wrapped up counseling with Shawn. And if you told me 6 months ago our family would be how we are now, I would have been in total disbelief. Shawn’s approach to counseling is next level and took us to new places we never thought that we could experience freedom and he put a light on places we never knew were still dragging us down.My husband (before counseling) had past trauma that weighed him down so heavily that his negative self talk was taking over his mental life. He was completely unable to be social anywhere, see positivity in anything, and talked with a super meek voice because he didn’t see worth in himself. We thought that “this is just his personality”, but Shawn was able to uncover the trauma that was holding him back and helped him break free of it. He now speaks with a voice to be heard and even he engages in social situations!I went through a terrible health scare while we were going through sessions. My optometrist thought that I had a tumor or fluid build up in my skull. Shawn helped me navigate all of the feelings that I kept shoving down. On my second session of talking about this medical situation, we really got to the root of my stress and behavior in this situation and in life. I felt a ton of weight lifted off of me in that moment just by digging out every root in my heart that wasn’t welcome there. Later that day (a Thursday) I had my MRI scans and that Sunday I woke up headache/migraine free for the first time in four months. Monday I got the news that nothing was there. I truly believe that God did a healing work in that therapy session. A physical healing of my body and a spiritual healing of my mind.Through all of this Shawn was not only there for just our counseling sessions, but when I was going through all of the medical stuff he would check in and see how everything was going. He recommended for my husband to go to a camp that absolutely played a part in changing my husband’s life. And all that I’ve shared is only the surface of all of the healing we received. I would have to write a novel for the rest, lol.If you’re looking for healing and willing to show up and put in the work…Shawn will help you get there.
Steve RodriguezSteve Rodriguez
14:25 06 May 22
New Vision Counseling and Consulting saved my marriage as they helped and are helping me deal with my issues with depression and anxiety. I have been taught new methods of dealing with these issues and they are life saving. I have enjoyed my experience with Shawn Maguire, the best therapist I could ask for, and feel this place is a Godsend. I never thought therapy would work for me but I was wrong and wish I had come here sooner. Excited for what the future holds.

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