Reduce Anxiety in Five Minutes

Reduce Anxiety in Five Minutes

There are a lot of different ways to treat your anxiety.  Some common examples are lifestyle changes, mindfulness techniques, breathing exercises, or different types of talk therapy.   One way you can reduce your anxiety in five minutes is by EFT tapping.  EFT uses fingertip tapping on a numerous number of specific points in your body in order to reduce your anxiety over a certain thought or belief.

In this blog I will give you 5 steps to follow in order to balance your energy and decrease your stress.  EFT tapping is used to make a connection between your body and the damaging thoughts or emotions that you face.  Before you are able to make that connection you have to be willing to become aware of your own harmful thoughts.

Step 1: Identify Concern 

Identify what concern you want to address.  For example, that could be the anxiety you are experiencing over a recent health diagnosis.

Step 2: Rate Intensity of the Concern

When you start to think about that concern, rate it on a scale of 0-10 based on how much it is affecting you.  10 being that it is causing you a lot of distress and 0 being that it does not bother you at all.

The purpose of the scale is that you will be able to measure your anxiety level around the concern before you partake in the tapping exercise vs. after you finish it.

Step 3: Set up Statement

Before you begin tapping, you want to create a statement that you can use that narrows in on your problem.  The statement should consist of 2 different parts.

  1. Acknowledges the problem
  2. Promotes self-acceptance

An example could be “Even though I am afraid of not being good enough at my job, I deeply and fully accept myself.”

Step 4: Tapping Sequence

There are many different tapping points throughout your face and your body.  You will tap each one 5-7 times while completing the exercise.  For this specific activity you will be locating 9 individual tapping spots.

You will start with the karate chop point (on the side of your hand) and tap there with a couple fingers while repeating your set up statement. After that you will tap on these 8 points.

  1. Beginning of your eyebrow
  2. Side of your eye
  3. Under your eye
  4. Under your nose
  5. In between your mouth and chin
  6. Beginning of your collarbone
  7. Under your armpit
  8. Top of your head

While you are tapping at these spots you will want to have a statement that reminds you of your concern. This will help you stay focused. So if your set up statement was “Even though I am afraid of not being good enough at my job, I deeply and fully accept myself.” Your reminder statement could be “ I have anxiety about failing at my job.”

Step 5: Re-rate your distress level 

After you have finished the tapping sequence, you will then rate your anxiety over the same concern on a scale of 0-10. If your number was 8 in the beginning but now it is 4, that is great. The goal is to get your number down to 0, so you will want to continue with the sequence until that happens.  Sometimes your number may not get all the way down to 0 and that’s ok.  EFT can help you consistently lower the numbers and the more you practice the more effective it becomes.

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