5 Daily Actions to bring Happy to your life

You don’t have the always have the power to choose your circumstances, how others treat you or what happens to you. You do ALWAYS have the power to choose:
1. What you focus on
2. What meaning you give the experience
3. What you do about it.

I have assembled 5 fantastically small activities that will bless you greatly. Now, this will not happen overnight. They will be easy to do or not to do. The choice and the power is in your hands to shift your focus which changes your attitude which creates better emotions best counselor oklahoma city. You can choose this happiness! Do the top 3 every day and shoot for doing the last two at least a few times per week. Happiness research says that if you are consistent you will change over time…they guarantee it.

1. Write down 3 things you are grateful for every morning. Make them different everyday and refuse to settle for writing down the same things
2. Have fun and journal one positive experience you have each day. Doing this gives you a double blessing of experiencing the power of this event twice because a lot of your brain wont know the difference. We do the same thing with the dark side. Think about a time something bad happened and how you felt every time you thought about it best counselor oklahoma city. This gives you the power to feel better every day!
3. Do one random act of kindness every day. Write short notes, texts, phone calls to people. Buy someone lunch or share your lunch :). Give a massage, a hug, or a tickle. Give away your smile lots of times every day. Give someone the gift of encouraging words. This invites God’s to move through you each time you share a kind act with someone else.
4. Move and get some form exercise. 15 minutes would be great but find ways to walk, jog, or join a sport.
5. Daily Meditation: Even just for 2-15 minutes focus on Gods goodness, see yourself succeeding in your day best counselor oklahoma city. This distills God’s peace and centers you and your body in Him.

The tough times are where we grow the most. These daily habits will lead you into progressively more happiness as a way of being. Most people think that happiness comes when you have the big house, nice car and lovely family. In truth, Its actually the opposite. The Bible says he who is faithful with little can be trusted with much. I can’t wait to see how MUCH happiness you are trusted with in the future.

Shawn Maguire


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