Top 4 Things To Do In Edmond OK

Top 4 Things To Do In Edmond OK

Old, young or just in between the city of Edmond is the right place to be within Oklahoma county of the United States, the fun and excitement never seem to cease.

Edmond  Oklahoma offers a lot of relaxing spots for you, ranging from a sports club, bars, playground, cinemas and many more.

Navigating through this city with a lot of landmarks that offer relaxation and excitement at its peak, we’ve organized the top 4 place to visit and the things to do in ensuring you get the best out of the city. Without further ado, let’s tour!

Visit The E.C Hafer Park

If you do have a thing for nature and parks, then you should visit the Hafer park and enjoy walking through the great trails of nature.

Well, walking could be boring sometimes; if you do get bored then you can try something more daunting such as rock climbing or you could try the kid fishing pond with your family, nothing more could put a smile on their little faces than this.

If you do ever feel bored, then visiting the park is one of the things you should consider doing.

Visit The Armstrong Auditorium

The Armstrong auditorium is one of the remarkable concerts and shows spot in Edmond city. Visit the Armstrong auditorium to enjoy some pieces of music or watch a show. Try doing this, it is relaxing and comforting.

The bass, opera, classical music and shows are well known to be beyond amazing in the Armstrong auditorium.

Visit The Arcadia Lake

If you think the park just doesn’t suit you well, and you are looking forward to trying other outdoor recreational activities, then the Arcadia Lake is a popular spot for outdoor activities such as camping, swimming, fishing and many more.

Thinking of doing something more daunting, but you don’t really have what it takes? Then the fun isn’t over yet, you can still get the best out of the lake by watching others perform all the activities while you just sit back and enjoy.

Visit The UCO Jazz Lab

Enough buzz about the Armstrong auditorium, the UCO Jazz lab is another spot to visit to enjoy some Jazz music. Heard they are good for the soul, just like Violins.

Get more from the Jazz lab during the weekends on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday to enjoy the right blues or folk music. The Jazz lab is where I spend my time resting in the evening after a long day, you should give it a try also— very relaxing.

Additionally, if you do catch the vibe to produce some good music, the UCO Jazz Lab also function as a recording studio mainly for educational purpose, audio and video duplication amongst others.


The city of Edmond is full of activities and the gifts of nature set it apart from every other city in Oklahoma like Stonegate OK, you should explore the auditorium, the parks, the lake and of course get a taste of New Orleans music in the UCO Jazz Lab.

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