Things to do near Penn Park Oklahoma USA

Penn Park is very well kept and nice for outdoor. They have never any problems with security and an additionally plus is that there is an office with Penn security guards watching the baseball/softball field. In addition to U-Penn activities, Penn Park hosts a range of social sports leagues. Very large soccer field, baseball field, tennis courts, and many more. It’s always clean and without difficulty accessible. Even if you’re not part of the school, it’s good for a good run around too, or just for tennis when others aren’t using it.

There are also lots of place to visit near the Penn Park, some of them are listed below:


Full Circle Bookstore

Go back in time…but wait, don’t…because this old-fashioned but well-stocked bookstore is both! You should stop in to look for a cookbook and find this neat store across from Penn Square Mall. Complete with ladders on rails for getting high-shelved books, this place also had maps for sale from all over the places of the world, every type of book, a large sitting area for studying books and visiting with friends, some kind of little cafe area, and an gorgeous children’s area with kids’ books, table, & chairs that extended back into more attractive things for kids. This stock is clean, well lit, and a lot of fun. It’d be a fun place to go now and then and maybe even meet for book club.

Edna’s Lunchboxes

It’s Smokey and crowded, but one simply can’t live in OKC for long before having the enforced Lunchbox at Edna’s. And if you don’t know, I will tell you: their type of the Lunchbox is beer with a shot of amaretto dropped in, with a squish of orange juice.
Edna’s has a slightly odd setup, but if the weather is enjoyable there is an attractive outdoor seating option.

Western Ave

Western Ave is a great place to eat, shop and make merry. Great diversity of restaurants from sandwiches to sushi to fried chicken. Boutique shopping for all of us who love to keep it local, like A Date with Iris for fresh, rhythmic and marvelous bloomy preparations and gifts. Bars range from the classic sports bar Sip and Go to wine & mixed fare at The Lobby Bar. New street scaping will make the Ave a great outdoor place to visit. Please be aware of the new 25 mile speed limit to get folks used to the new atmosphere. Depending on the venue and time of day, Western Ave. is good for families, couples, business, friends and solo dining/entertainment.



Paseo Arts District is famous for its eclectic art exhibition (many attached to working artists’ studios) and shops, as well as its unique Spanish Revival architecture, the Paseo Arts District has a bohemian vibe that’s excessive for sightseeing on foot. Situated around a curvy, tree-lined street, Paseo is home to more than 80 artists, plus shops, bars and restaurants. Whether you want to add to your art collection or brush up on your own artistic skills, this district will act as your think and offer all the motivation you need. Paseo is surrounded by regions on all sides, so it makes sense that this district offers some of Oklahoma City’s favorite local hangouts.


Pole Position Raceway 

The weather may be cooling down, but there’s still plenty of adventures to be had in OKC! Get out and explore these unique. Competitive and race head-to-head at Pole Position Raceway. This is one of the largest indoor tracks in the world with two different types of karts. With so many exciting rides and attractions to choose from, there’s fun for everyone at Pole Position Raceway in Oklahoma City. Load up the mini-van and bring the kids to this park. They’ll love the scene here as much as mom and dad.

Cheer from the sidelines or get behind the wheel when you spend the day driving at Pole Position Raceway.

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