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If you are engaged, I know that its likely one of the most exciting times of your life. There is so much to be done, and so much to decide. While the wedding might be a huge priority for many, creating a marriage that is amazing and will last is most important. We want you to feel excited and confident when you say “I do!”. We walk you through critical conversations and help you identify areas of strengths and weaknesses in your relationship. Nothing can prepare you for every challenge down the road, but identifying potential pitfalls now can help you through those early years.

Here is a testimony from Hannah and Josh, who did premarital counseling with us.

They started out hopeful and excited about the opportunity to change their lives. Josh was nervous because he had only known fighting hardship and arguing in his family. Hannah was excited because she was hopeful that she could have a relationship like her grandparents. All she had known from her parents was not talking at all, and then they suddenly split up and divorced when she was in high school.

Josh initially thought people who sought help from counselors were weak and crazy. But when he did his research and read the google reviews he discovered something.  They weren’t crazy, but smart! Smart because they realized that a healthy foundation creates a great life. And through the process of counseling, he realized that he did not have to follow in the footsteps of his mom and dad who had constantly fought and argued.  His parents were just trying to figure out life together but had never been taught how.

In premarital counseling this couple started building their foundation on God. With this foundation, Josh discovered how much he had tried to please others to feel good about himself. Hannah realized she was living out of a spirit of shame. She discovered that she had never felt good enough or truly loved by her parents. But through this, she discovered that God’s love was enough. Not just in theory, but in practice.  Through premarital counseling she was able to walk out of shame and into God’s love. You are likely wondering how? A few ways were through the books she read, and doing the deeper work of knowing who she was and uncovering the issues that caused her parents divorce. Through this time she was able to give love more freely without strings attached.

Josh was able to move forward and break free from the chains of his past.  The chains of constantly blaming and attacking each other to solve problems instead of working together.  He was able to go deeper through the issues, and actually resolve them. Something his parents never did.

They were a joy to work with. And through tears and hard work, they created a marriage that was amazing. Premarital counseling is so much more than a box to check so you get a cheaper marriage license. It is an opportunity to create a foundation to change the rest of your life. It sets you up to break generational curses that were passed on to you  and opens the door to generational blessings to move forward into your future. It is the opportunity to create the marriage you dreamed of through practical steps and strategies. Strategies that not just help you build the future, but also deal with the issues causing you pain today.

It will expose and uncover areas of your life that most people get stuck in and never get out of. These are the quicksand of marriage: finances, shame-based living, only loving to get instead of living to give, and many more. These are the areas we start to address in premarital counseling.

The areas that we uncover that you have a lot of hurt, anger or pain in; we go deeper until they are resolved. We build a structure that doesn’t just last through the counseling process but is created to last a lifetime. So what are you waiting for? Take the next step. Give us the call. Reach out through email. Begin the process of changing your life by creating the marriage you’ve always wanted. This is your time. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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