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New Vision Counseling has an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy using Christian Principles. Licensed Professional Counselors in Oklahoma City, OK. We have a staff of 5 qualified and certified therapists and counselors. SHAWN MAGUIRE, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor serving the greater Oklahoma City area with more than 20 years of counseling experience. Shawn has extensive training and experience in many other areas including depression, OCD, anxiety and anger. His additional training includes (but is not limited to) EMDR, NLP, and CBT. Ben Thompson, LMFT has practiced therapy for the last 10 years with individuals, couples, and families. Ben is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who excels in helping people to find the freedom to live their lives with passion and purpose. CALEB MCKEAN, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor.Caleb has experience working with couples, families, and individuals of various ages dealing with a wide range of issues including: anxiety, depression, anger management, grief and loss, crisis with domestic violence and suicide, and recovery from adultery. KATIE MACDOUGALL, LPC CANDIDATE uses a variety of evidence-based, trauma-informed methods from a Family Systems perspective. Some of these methods include EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solutions Focused Therapy, and Prepare/Enrich. Mollie Babb, LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Mollie has experience with adults and couples concerning a variety of topics such as: understanding the opposite sex, feeling overwhelmed, self-worth, anxiety, trauma, anger, chronic illness for patients and caretakers, addiction, codependent relationships, wellness challenges, purpose, and family counseling.

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Carla R
Carla R
04:48 11 Dec 17
I was severely depressed when a friend recommended New Vision Counseling. When I started counseling, I had no idea of the freedom and joy of life I would experience on the other side of it. I was going through a separation at the time, but I discovered that my depression went much deeper than just the separation. The separation had just exposed some things that needed to be dealt with if I was ever going to be happy in this life. From as far back as I could remember, I was socially awkward and extremely fearful. I lacked self-esteem and confidence, and quite frankly, I hated myself. Holy Spirit worked through Shawn and helped me to remold my faulty core belief system of who I thought I was, into a new belief system of knowing of who I am in Christ and understanding His love for me. Counseling was a lot of hard work, but well worth it, considering it has changed my life forever. I went through counseling in my 40’s and through my growth in confidence and self-esteem, I decided to go to college for a new career path. This is something I had always wanted to do, but the fear of failure kept me paralyzed. I accomplished my goals and earned a degree. I am now enjoying a new career because of the life changing journey I chose to go on while counseling with Shawn. I will forever be thankful to Shawn for his patience and also for exposing some hard truths that I had to figure out in order to change my faulty core belief system. My identity used to be woven around lies, and now that the lies are exposed, I live in freedom and enjoy my life. I would highly recommend New Vision Counseling if you are struggling with life right now, or if you are serious about making some life changes.
Jarrod Keys
Jarrod Keys
18:27 12 Mar 18
All of the staff at New Vision counseling is exceptional, but there isn't enough that could be said about the quality of service I've received from Caleb McKean. This team (and more specifically, this man) are true masters of therapy, and have the years of experience and education to back it up. This is not a "how does that make you feel" or a "mhmm yes, yes, to go back to that..." type of counseling experience. This is real. This is powerful. And most importantly of all, it's personal. That level of personalization doesn't happen on accident either. Caleb goes above and beyond for every single person that walks through his office door to make that session the BEST session he's ever led, and it's something that inspires me as a patient, as well as a fellow man. I've had a total of 4 years of dedicated counseling in my life. My recent time with Caleb (3 months, 1x week) has been more effective and has promoted more growth than all 4 of those years combined. A sincere and heartfelt thank you to Caleb McKean and all of the staff at New Vision Counseling. I can't recommend their services highly enough.
Amanda Warren Marshall
Amanda Warren Marshall
02:49 30 Jan 18
This clinic offers great services from a Christian perspective. Ms. Katie MacDougall is an execellent practioniter who I would highly recommend for any needed services.
The Copeland's
The Copeland's
22:09 22 Nov 17
When the role of a counselor is discussed it seems to be repeated theme. Among these are respect, responsibility and integrity. I have found that while respect and responsibility are without doubt important, neither can stand without integrity. Shawn Maguire and his New Vision Staff works to influence change and motivates clients to challenge themselves into a deeper understanding of God's true purpose for Marriage. Let us take a moment to honor Shawn and the Maguire Family! There has been no other couple in the world that has invested in our marriage more than Shawn Maguire and his beautiful wife Tanda - and their amazing kiddos. They are phenomenal. They actually do life with us and we aren't just a number in their "to-do" list....Shawn is full of LIFE and He emanates genuine joy all the time! He is always approachable, energetic and enthusiastic. I strongly recommend Shawn Maguire. - Rashawn and Denisse Copeland
Rana Lane
Rana Lane
18:09 13 Nov 17
The first thing that comes to mind when I think about counseling is a story from the Bible found in Exodus 17:11-13. It speaks of this battle that took place between the Israelites and the Amalekites. The Israelites had been brought out of bondage in Egypt, and they were on a journey through the wilderness to the Promised Land when this battle takes place. Joshua was leading the troops in battle and up on a hill stood Moses with his hand raised. When his hand was up, the Israelites were winning. When his hand was down, the Amalekites would overtake them. Moses' hands became tired. You can relate, right? We all face battles. Some of us are fighting for our marriages or our children, others are fighting against addiction, depression, anxiety, or maybe anger. In the midst of these battles, sometimes we become discouraged, overwhelmed, or simply after trying to do it all on our own - we have a "Moses moment" - we get tired and battle weary. Here's the part of the story that gets me every time: Moses is standing there tired, unable to hold his hands up any longer on his own, and it looks as though they may be defeated when two individuals, Aaron and Hur, come alongside Moses and begin to support his hands as they are lifted until the battle is won. Isn't that incredible, friends? What seems impossible alone is possible when we allow others to come alongside us. We were never meant to live alone. We were never meant to face battles on our own. We need each other, not because we are weak individually but because together we are stronger, together we are encouraged, and together there is the sweet fragrance of victory on the other side of any battle we may face. This is where counseling comes in. I do not know what battle you may face personally, but I do know the battles I have faced. I have had my "Moses moments" in the midst of fighting for precious things in life and have needed the services New Vision Counseling offer. I have tried other places in the past, but there is just something different in the quality of services and the atmosphere of this place. Shawn Maguire and his team at New Vision Counseling are amazing therapists who genuinely love the Lord and want to see you succeed. They really listen, get to the heart of the issue, and formulate an individualized plan for you that works if you are willing to do your part. They cannot fight your battle for you, but they will come alongside you, pray for you, encourage you, equip you with the necessary tools, and support you through the battle as God frees you and you begin to live victoriously. Right now, the only thing standing between you and victory is your willingness to show up for battle. Make the call. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Sandra Vanhooser
Sandra Vanhooser
21:20 12 Sep 18
Caleb is the kind of soul that is welcoming and sympathetic. He makes you feel confortable and that he truely cares about you as a person. He has helped me process many life events and has provided spiritual guidance and direction that has helped me so much. I feel safe opening up and sharing. I highly recommend Caleb to care for your heart and soul.
Tyler Pertree
Tyler Pertree
13:55 23 Aug 18
My wife and I have used New Vision Counseling for over a year. The therapist is always friendly and has excellent people skills. We have often walked in angry and walked out laughing. The approach has been from a Christian standpoint, which has been excellent for us.
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