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Shawn is a Licensed Professional Counselor serving the greater Oklahoma City area with more than 20 years of counseling experience. He earned his undergraduate degree in psychology from Flaggler College in St. Augustine, FL. He then received two masters degrees from Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His first in Marriage and Family Therapy and his second master’s degree in Christian Counseling.

As well as being a prominent relationship therapist, Shawn also has extensive training and experience in many other areas including depression, OCD, anxiety and anger. His additional training includes (but is not limited to) EMDR, NLP, and CBT. These techniques are used in light of his Christian Worldview.

Shawn blends his faith and his craft to offer a unique and exceptionally personalized counseling approach for each of his clients.

In his free time Shawn enjoys spending time with his family, fishing and anything outdoor.

Ben Thompson, LMFT

Ben Thompson is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who works with people to help them find the freedom to live their lives with passion and purpose and be in meaningful and powerful relationships. Using therapy techniques and a spiritual focus, Ben seeks to guide people through what is holding them back so they can experience life more fully.

Ben has a passion for working with couples who want their relationship to get back on track. He challenges couples to grow and develop new ways of relating that bring forth the love they want to experience.

Ben helps men find how to use their strengths to solve their problems and create better outcomes in their life. Ben finds that many men are caught in cycles of shame and have forgotten that God has called them out of shame to live powerful lives.

Ben received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible and Ministry at Oklahoma Christian University and his Master’s degree in counseling at the Harding School of Theology in Memphis, TN, and has been practicing therapy for the last 10 years with individuals, couples, and families.

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Caleb McKean


Caleb McKean is a Licensed Professional Counselor and obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree at Oklahoma Christian University in Communications with minors in Psychology and Vocational Ministry. He then went on to complete his Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health at Denver Seminary.

Caleb has a passion for helping his clients come into deeper intimacy with God by using principles from a Cognitive-Behavioral and Family Systems approach. These provide the framework to help you understand how your thought patterns are impacting your beliefs and behaviors. This is the beginning of change.

He has experience working with couples, families, and individuals of various ages dealing with a wide range of issues including: anxiety, depression, anger management, grief and loss, crisis with domestic violence and suicide, and recovery from adultery.

When not in the office, Caleb enjoys spending time with his family and friends, making delicious food, and working with his hands on a car or motorcycle.

Donnulette Dulaney

Life is hard. At some point, you may feel depressed, sad, anxious, and overwhelmed. Sometimes, reading self-help books, or talking with friends, family members, or mentors brings relief but other times, you notice these issues may start to overwhelm and negatively affect your lives, relationships, and work. If you are tired of struggling alone, I want to partner with you in finding the peace, clarity, and meaning you are looking for. Over the course of my career I have worked in multiple settings and have encountered a variety of mental health issues. As a counselor to both individuals and groups, I have learned that each person deserves an individualized approach. I adopt various evidence-based techniques to assess each situation. We will explore patterns in your life and in relating to others and I will work in cooperation with you to find the best path for you to achieve your personal goals for success and build positive mental health habits. During therapy you will learn to recognize unhelpful thoughts and correct them before they impact your feelings.

Therapy is a process as change and transitions are often difficult but necessary and positive. With therapy, personal problems, mental health issues, and emotional distress can be replaced with increased self-worth and spiritual fulfillment with the use of faith-based principles and psychological instruction. You will learn how to build emotional resilience to help you better manage and resolve any issues in your life.

I have spent many years helping adults struggling with depression, anxiety, grief, and issues related to using alcohol and drugs in a compassionate manner. I value supportive collaborative approach and believe that relationships are an important component of the healing process. My work as a therapist is to create a space for you to find healing and meaning from difficult experiences. My goal is to create a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere conducive for healing. I use a combination of methods that support spiritual and mental health by focusing on your personal relationship with God. If you have a strong faith and belief in God, this type of therapy will most likely benefit you as it incorporates biblical teachings to help you regain a sense of hope.

I have a total of 16 years of experience in the mental health field and is well versed in working with a multidisciplinary team to support change. As a lifelong learner, I attend continuing education workshops, reads books, and professional journals related to integrated care.

I understand the importance of supportive relationships and meaningful connections to build resilience and well-being. I use a collaborative, client-centered approach that focuses on what you as a “one of a kind” person needs. Together we will work towards achieving your goals and creating a life that you are excited to live!

Mollie Babb, LPC

Mollie Babb is a Licensed Professional Counselor. Her undergraduate degree is in Business from Oklahoma State University. She married a military man 34 years ago and traveled the world. She has been a ‘mentor mom’ for an International organization for 16 years and understands the challenges of parenting. Mollie has a Masters of Counseling/Psychology degree that enables her to help others learn and apply coping techniques to life’s stressful situations, through Cognitive Behavioral and Person Centered Approaches. One of her thoughts is… “In life, we ALL have bumps in the road.”….and enjoying helping people have a smoother journey on the road of life. Mollie has experience with individual adults and couples concerning the following areas: Understanding the opposite sex, Feeling overwhelmed, Self Worth, Anxiety, Trauma: Adult &/or Childhood (Inner Child work), Anger issues, Long Term Illness: patient &/or caretaker hurdles and hurts, Recovery from addiction: follow-on guidance, Codependent relationships, Wellness challenges, Purpose of Life and Family issues. Mollie enjoys playing with her grandchildren, cooking, and eating yummy food.

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