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Daniel K. Edwards, II – Licensed Marital and Family therapist

Daniel no longer works at New Vision Counseling but we have many amazing counselors that would love to join you in your journey of healing and hope today!

You feel lost, helpless, unsure of where to begin or how it got to this place. Nights are spent worrying about how you will make it through this storm. Asking yourself is this really my lot in life. Maybe there is discord in your marriage, or you have a child that you feel as though everything you do is wrong. Kind words and quality conversations are replaced with attitude, short responses, and hurt feelings all around. You wonder how you can get back to it was on your wedding day, or where that little gift from God went, that you held in your arms as a newborn. And you ask yourself “Where did the manual go?”

Life is tough, but the rewards can be so much greater than we can imagine. My name is Daniel K. Edwards, II and I am a Licensed Marital and Family therapist. I work with individuals, couples, and families who are tired of the way things are and want a new way, a new life, new purpose, hope that things can be better and different. The families I work with do not lose their identity of who they are, but bring me into their situations to help them find new perspectives, different ways of doing things so they no longer feel trapped and burdened by current circumstances. Together we work on changing who and how we fight. Instead of allowing our relationships, marriage, and family continue being divided, we turn to Ecclesiastes 4:12 which paraphrased says “a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” See when we are divided in our marriage, family, even in ourselves we are an easier target to attack and be broken. God does not want this for you or anyone. In counseling we will rebuild (if broken), this cord of strands so that together you will live the life God wants for you. I want to help you have the life God wants you to have, and know counseling often helps.

I became a counselor because counseling helped me. I understand what it is like feeling as though your whole world is collapsing around you. Let me just say “I am better now than I was then,” and YOU can be too. I am a licensed marital and family therapist, and have the privilege and honor of working with some of the coolest couples, brightest individuals, growing teens I have ever met.

One of my biggest fears when I searched for a counselor was in regards to confidentiality. I maintain a view of confidentiality that was learned while serving in the United States Navy, handling classified information. I understand that looking at the past does not allow one to predict the future; however, it helps to understand how we got where we are. In counseling we often look into what has occurred in the past to help change things that are occurring presently and ways to avoid similar issues in the future. I know that having the right counselor is almost as important as the counseling. So if you do not feel as though I am the right fit; I will help you find someone who is. I assist those that seek services with me as if they were one of my own family members, and provide the best options I know for them.

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