Wonderful Things To Do In Oklahoma City

Posted by Shawn on  December 23, 2017

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The capital city of Oklahoma is filled with an energetic atmosphere and deep-rooted Southern charm. For guests looking for family fun, adventure, and world-class attractions, Oklahoma City is rolling out its red carpet for a swift invitation. In the southwest, the city remains the home to one of the most innovative fast developing entertainment towns. It also has plenty of Western allure to boot, family-friendly theme parks, and top-rated museums. In a nutshell, the city remains the epicenter of a huge urban renaissance best counselor oklahoma city. From loads of shopping, outdoor recreation and funky festivals to fun and treasured-filled museums, Oklahoma City is definitely a dream land for visitors.

Oklahoma City Zoo:

At the Oklahoma City Zoo & Botanical Garden, you can envision a world of untamed journey and embrace your wild side. In the US, this attraction is categorized as one of the best three user-friendly zoos. Explore the Asian elephant called calf Achara and take photos of real wildlife. Visitors can watch lions and tigers happily exploring their habitats. The Great EscApe exhibit has made the zoo unique and attractive to visitors best counselor oklahoma city. This resort will help you enjoy the spry orangutans, playful chimpanzees and mighty gorillas.

Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum:

This amazing edifice is a land of healing and hope for people who suffered the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Visitors can learn the shocking aftermath, the events that unveiled the tragic bombing and the town’s outstanding recovery within the edifice. The museum also offers you powerful video presentations, moving oral accounts and bomb-damaged artifacts best counselor oklahoma city. Without any iota of doubt, visitors will definitely fall in love with history and materials of this attraction center.

Frontier City & White Water Bay:

The Frontier City & White Water Bay is filled with action-packed thrills. With renegade water rapids, high-speed rides and gravity-defying roller coasters, family-friendly adventure begins at Frontier City. Visitors can enjoy Wild West shows that come with saloon activities, shootouts and much more. Your nerves can get frequent testing over fifty attractions and rides. The White Water Bay can help calm your temper by diving into it. From tame to extreme, visitors can also enjoy water rides, time and again.

Oklahoma City Museum Of Art:

At the magnificent Oklahoma City Museum of Art, visitors can surround themselves with the texture of paint on modern sculpture and canvas, towering blown glass pieces and bold colors. Within the downtown area, it will help to bring in new energy and flow to artistic expression best counselor oklahoma city. Visitors will see fifty-five feet tall Chihuly tower of colorful, twisting and curving glass immediately after entering the art center.

Enjoy A Big-League Game:

With your favorite jersey, you can enjoy a big-league game that remains remarkable. During an Oklahoma City sporting event, visitors can root for the home team after taking a seat in the stands. At the Chesapeake Energy Arena, visitors can watch how the Oklahoma City Thunder unleashes the beauty of the NBA basketball court. Do you know why OKC is called the Loud City? The home crowd, the Thunder Girls along with the Bison makes the city a great place to visit.

Saving your Marriage Before it Starts

Posted by Shawn on  October 17, 2017

How Premarital Counseling uses SYMBIS Tool to Create an Amazing Marriage

In a marriage relationship, the first 12 months are crucial to the life of the marriage. You see, in these first 12 months you are creating relational habits that will determine the path of how your marriage develops. Whether a highway to the beach or a highway to the desert, these habits of living and relating to each other will take you to different destinations. The couple who is unable to be honest and resorts to blaming and name calling to work through conflict will find themselves on a different highway than the couple who utilizes kindness and listening to work through life’s inevitable adversities best marriage therapist oklahoma city. This is one reason we focus so heavily on helping to identify future pitfalls and then equipping you with the skills and resources to build your dream marriage.

At New Vision Counseling, our therapists are certified in a premarital resource called SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts). This comprehensive assessment helps bypass much of the premarital counseling fluff and focuses on what you as a couple really need for success best marriage therapist oklahoma city. SYMBIS gives us an overview of where you come from, who you are, and the strengths and growth opportunities to focus on. It highlights areas that may be current issues and helps predict issues that could explode out of control in the future. This predictive mechanism is like being given a chance to diffuse a bomb before it explodes.

Consider this, all of us will end up somewhere in our married life, but very few of us end up there on purpose. The destination could be divorce, misery, or marital bliss that grows with each passing year. The great news is, the choice is yours. How amazing would it be to become one of the few who chooses your destination on purpose? That is where we come in best marriage therapist oklahoma city. Let us walk with you through this amazing season where you get to choose where you go.

The process can be as quick as a 4-hour intensive (if time is an issue) or spread out over several appointments; the average couple utilizes between 4-8 sessions. However, we value you as individuals and a “one of a kind” couple and will get to know you and make adjustments according to your unique needs. You ask, what’s the next step? That’s easy, reach out to us through phone or email and set up an appointment to get started. This is an amazing time of building your highways and we are excited to collaborate with God and with you in this process. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

If you want to learn more about SYMBIS, click on this link

Time for Help

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Have you ever had a mouse in your home? Whether you live in an apartment or a house, in the country or the city, chances are that you’ve encountered one of these pesky little critters. During the holidays, my sister suspected there was a mouse living in our mom’s kitchen. My sister claimed she saw the mouse, but my mom didn’t want to believe her. A few months went by without another mouse sighting, just little suspicions that a mouse may be cohabitating with her. Then, one day, the mouse scurried across the living room floor under her couch best counselor oklahoma city. Peeking under the couch revealed piles of dog food the mouse had been hoarding along with other little mouse surprises. That was when she realized there was a mouse problem and that was when she knew it was time for help.

So when do you know it’s time for help? Do you know when you start to have little clues? Or do you wait until you know you have a full-blown mouse nest under your couch?

In life, there are a lot of little clues showing us we need help. It may be feeling sad, unsatisfied, frustrated, or unmotivated. It could even be patterns in relationships or behaviors that you don’t like. But there are also mouse nests. It could be a marriage on the brink of divorce, not being able to get out of bed, or out of control kids, or panic attacks at work. Whether you are experiencing those little clues or the big crises, therapy can help best counselor oklahoma city. It doesn’t matter how big or small your problem seems, now is the time to get help.

In my family, we waited. We waited until a mouse or two grew into an extended family. Instead of accepting we had a problem and taking time to take care of it, we let the problem get bigger and bigger. Thankfully though, we did get help. It required finding the source of the problem. We had to determine where the mice were coming into our home. Next, we had to fix the hole. Then, we had to set traps and get rid of the mice already dwelling in our home. We also called an exterminator to help and did a lot of cleaning. In therapy, I want to help you when you are ready to get help best counselor oklahoma city. I want to work with you to find out what’s wrong and what’s causing the problem. I want to help you fix the problem, which likely means developing some new habits, ending old habits, and cleaning parts of your life that have been avoided or overlooked.

Are you ready to try? Now’s the time.

Katie McDougal is a therapist and LPC Candidate with New Vision Counseling

Who Should Seek Counseling?

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Who Should Seek Counseling?

3 Common Therapy Myths

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3 Common Therapy Myths

Defeating Perfectionism

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Defeating Perfectionism

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