Online Counseling

Life is hard, and it can be hard to admit you want help right now.

It’s been crazy. Things are up in the air, and you have little control over a lot of things.

You want to feel better. You want to feel like yourself. You want to be in touch with your feelings, your family and friends, and feel more hope about the future.

These are unprecedented times. You have been feeling like things just aren’t normal and you don’t feel like yourself. You want a counselor who actually understands what you’re feeling and helps you feel better. You might think there is no hope right now, because everything feels shut down. But there is. You can have the help you need without ever leaving your house.

Online Therapy can help you.

You know that it’s important to take care of your mental health, but that doesn’t make it easy. Especially in times like these. Because of the technology we have, it is easier than ever to get the help you need through telehealth. Our telehealth is easy, effective online therapy that allows you to talk to a counselor in a secure way.

Online Therapy is Easy

At New Vision Counseling, we know that you are unique. You want to feel like you aren’t being treated just like everyone else, but are being listened to. You want to feel like you are in touch with your feelings, connected to friends and family, and have more hope about the future. To be able to get there, you need an easy and effective way to get good counseling services. You may wonder if there is even a way to get counseling services right now. You may worry about sickness, be at home with kids, or be worried about privacy.

Finding healing and hope is possible through counseling. Through our online counseling, you will begin a process of feeling like your best self. Our counselors understand where you’re coming from and are trained in many areas so that you can be confident in the care you’re receiving. We commit to coming alongside you and going as far as you want to go. We believe in making real change happen.

We know that because of Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, you are very likely to be more socially isolated than before. You may feel like all of the things you’ve been fighting in your mental-health are getting harder to fight. During this hard time, our therapists are committed to coming alongside you. We will help you get the support you crave and need.

Online Counseling Services Provided by New Vision Counseling

New Vision Counseling can help you. We offer all of our counseling services online. Research shows that counseling online can be just as effective as counseling in person, and we commit to offering the same quality of our amazing services online. We offer services for premarital counseling, marriage and relationship counseling, family support, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, and many others.

With the problems that you are facing today, there is hope and help for you now.

The counseling team at New Vision Counseling offers the following counseling services online:

Begin Online Therapy in Oklahoma

Our therapists are here to help through online counseling.  Here’s how you get started with online therapy (telehealth) in Oklahoma:

  • Contact us! We would love to reach out to you and find out which of our amazing therapists is a good fit for you.
  • Start in person or online therapy and begin to have the support and change in your life that you’ve been searching for.

Yes, it really is that easy!

Still have more questions? Visit our blog for FAQ about Telehealth and other helpful information!  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Parenting Support

Parenting can be the most rewarding yet most challenging experience of your life. The role of raising up young men and women to be capable and successful in the world is no easy task and requires every bit of energy, love, and resolve you can muster. Parenting is a constant learning curve with every new life stage bringing a new set of challenges, experiences, and questions:

  1. How do I shape her current weaknesses into future strengths?
  2. How do I meet his unique needs and desires when they are so different than my own?
  3. How do I discipline her without leaving her feeling defeated or unworthy?
  4. How can I help my kids reach their full, God-given potential when I can’t even get them to clean their rooms?

These are big questions and the answers vary from child to child. It is no wonder parents so often find themselves overwhelmed and exhausted!

At New Vision Counseling and Consulting, we are equipped to empower you to create an environment and routine where your child can thrive! We can help you nurture strong relationships with your little ones and achieve the vision you have for your family.

We want to become part of your village in raising up strong men and women for the Lord. Let us help you cultivate stronger parental relationships with your family and give your children the best opportunities for the lives they are meant to live. Call us today!

Self Esteem

Do you find yourself lying wide awake at night berating yourself for how you handled something at home or work that day? Is there a quiet voice in your head second-guessing every decision you make or dream you hope to achieve? Do you find yourself brushing off the compliments given to you by your loved ones only to regret rejecting their kind gesture in the first place? Do you apologize or take credit for every failure in a team or group setting? Is it impossible for you to believe that you are worthy of being loved by those around you or more importantly, by God?

Each of these questions is an indicator of an all too common struggle known as low self-esteem. Everyone experiences phases of it from time to time, but when it begins to encroach on your relationships and achievements, it can become debilitating.

It’s painful to believe you don’t matter and it is difficult to ask for help.  Thankfully, things don’t have to stay this way. There is hope and healing available for you.

At New Vision Counseling & Consulting, we want to help you discover the true you–the you that God created to live out of a place of love and value.  We will walk with you to uncover lies that have distorted the way you see your true worth in this world. We will help you discover what God says about you and create practical strategies to apply those beliefs to your daily life.

You don’t have to live another day believing lies about your worth.  Call now to set up an appointment with one of our experienced therapists.  With one call you can begin the journey to discovering and living out of your amazing and incredible worth in Christ!  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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